So proud of these guys. Been watching this labor of love project (slowly) evolve over the past four plus years. Stoked that it’s getting close to finished!


Today, I am so incredibly proud to debut the film’s official trailer! 

Many of you reading this were instrumental in FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES reaching this stage of production, and, I hope, that you share in this exciting moment; making a film is a collaborative effort, and I couldn’t have made it this far without your support. 

I hope you enjoy the trailer. I hope you find it inspiring and moving. I hope it helps fill in the details of what exactly this film is, and why this project has been such an important project for me personally. 

Today, we are also taking pre-orders for the film through our Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will not only 100% complete the film, but it will keep the film 100% independent!

Helping us release the film late-Spring of 2013.

One last special announcement! FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES will feature an original score by the amazingly-talented Eluvium! Eluvium has been our one-and-only choice for the film’s composer during the last few years of post-production, and to now be working with him on what is quickly becoming a beautiful-beautiful score, is a dream come true. You can pre-order the film’s original score on Kickstarter as well. 

Please pass along this trailer and let your friends know about the project.

Thank you! 

FTOM film documentary

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    The other night, at around 3 in the morning, the film hit a long-overdue but important milestone: the last remaining...
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    these guys. Been watching...(slowly) evolve over...past four...
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    Support this film, watch the trailer, join in the kickstarter campaign and see the movie. It’ll be worth it.
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    Finally! My buddy’s trailer...inspired many people.
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    Peep out this trailer to Mike’s film that I shot parts of. It’s real pretty. Also peep out the Kickstarter for it! Mike...
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