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The File Arts presents:
Star forming region NGC 3324
by Adam Ferriss

The images that science produces of natural and scientific phenomenon are truly awe inspiring. Adam Ferriss takes astronomy pictures and puts them through a quicksort algorithm, adjusting values and repeating the process, until the desired result has been achieved. He uses mathematics to make art from science, adding a sense of bedazzlement and ambiguity to the source material. Read the edition description on The File Arts for more art vs science.

Now available in extreme HD; the image is 3034 x 7748 and would not fit on this Tumblr post as one image. You really have to see it at full resolution to admire the intricacy and detail of the picture. And to get lost in this galaxy of shifting stars.

This edition is priced at the popular and affordable amount of $5,-. For this you get the full download, containing: the final rendered file of 3034 x 7748 pixels and the edited PSD file. The accompanying PDF illustrates the process and the code used to make the piece. And even the source code and the original source images from NASA are included.

Download Star forming region NGC 3324 by Adam Ferriss on The File Arts

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