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Behold the International Space Station on September 17, 2006, observed from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. (NASA)

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Christopher Nolan, Interstellar

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Currently in production MADE BY ABVH

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recycled steel bars form modular café interior by penda
all images courtesy of penda

the latticed structure allows a variety of different elements to be inserted, with plant boxes, books, and lights occupying the design. take a look at more photos here.

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Matt W. Moore is the artist behind MWM Graphics, a design, fine art, and illustration studio. By combining his background in graffiti with graphic design, Moore has created a distinctly bold, colorful, and geometric aesthetic.

While he may be most recognized for his angular, geometric spray-painted murals, he is an innovative artist, combining and working in many mediums. Clients of his include Coca-Cola, Wired Magazine, and Ray-Ban.

He travels and creates art in cities from Paris to Sao Paulo. Working across the globe fuels his creativity, as he responds to the different environments in which he works. Moore’s portfolio is enormous and varied and constantly growing. He perpetually creates beautiful and new work at an extraordinary pace.


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Stunning Images Show Life: Magnified exhibition by as Much as 50,000 Times

If you find yourself in Virginia’s Dulles International Airport through November of this year, you might see the exhibition Life: Magnified on the walls. It features scientific images showing cells and other scenes of life magnified by as much as 50,000 times.

  1. Anglerfish Ovary Cross-Section
  2. Relapsing Fever Bacterium (Gray) on Red Blood Cells
  3. Mouth Parts of a Lone Star Tick
  4. Gecko lizard toe hairs inspired the design of medical adhesives
  5. An insect tracheal cell (green) delivers air to muscles (red)
  6. Zebrafish embryo
  7. A Mammalian Eye Has Approximately 70 Different Cell Types
  8. Human Liver Cell (Hepatocyte)
  9. Developing Zebrafish Fin
  10. Human blood with red blood cells, T cells (orange) and platelets (green)

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Kobayashi Eitaku 

Body of a Courtesan in 9 stages of Decomposition, c. 1870.

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A passionate thinker is a chess player that gets more focused the greater the complexity on the board. A thinker is a lunatic that continues to reflect until the inner voice says something familiar. Usually, what you find thinking hard is no different to what other people have said before, but in slightly different words. Thinking helps us to more deeply understand what we believed we understood — rarely do we find something truly fresh. It seems silly to spend so much time to achieve almost nothing. That is why people that avoid thinking often believe that it is, if not directly stupid, definitely not a smart pastime (compared to, say, making money). Putting Thought Into Things (via ninakix)